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    [1] In high school, I was at my heaviest of 165 pounds. [2] Freshman year of college, 129 pounds. [3] Sophomore year of college started to put on some weight. [4] Junior year of college started to bulk up, ~143 pounds. [Zoom.]

    I am Tasha and I am a twenty-three year old chemistry graduate student. 

    I’ve been an athlete my entire life. So, being in a weight room was a familiar scene to me. However, I battled a lot of weight issues through my awkward teen. 

    When I moved to the mainland at the awkward age of fourteen, I put on a massive amount of weight, shooting me to my heaviest weight I’ve ever been, 165 pounds. This led me to be very unhappy. I had no friends and the thought of making new friends in a new environment was very difficult for me.  To make a long story short from the age of fourteen to seventeen, I battled the stages of anorexia, bulimia, and “gym-o-rexia.”

    I entered as a seventeen year old college freshman, I came in weighing 129 pounds at  a height of 5’4”. Because of the battles I went through, I became very weak for my sport, softball. I was a powerhouse hitter. (Batting in the 3rd, 4th, 5th spot.) My strength and conditioning coach saw me and put me on a weight bulking program which shot me up 143 pounds, but lean and very strong. 

    From there, my weight has fluctuating a lot. I bounced back and forth from 140 - 160. I partied a lot, consuming A LOT of alcohol and had really bad eating habits. But I had the mentality of, “Fuck it, I’m an athlete, we have morning work outs tomorrow anyways.” For a while it didn’t matter. Until I graduated college and entered my first year of graduate school. I no longer had softball to rely on, no teammates, nothing Just myself. I continued with my bad partying habits and it shot me back up to 162 pounds. Partying, partying, and more partying. 

    During the end of April of this year, I decided to put a stop to it and getting back into shape which ultimately meant that I was going to transform my body. I dropped down to about 158 pounds and pretty thick. 

    So, In June, I opted for a trainer because I felt that I had the motivation and drive to work out daily but my diet, nutrition, and eating habits killed any efforts that I made in the gym. My trainer Steve Poynter, from Fitness Poynters, created a diet plan as well as a workout schedule for me to follow to the “T” for the next 12 weeks. 

    It has barely been two weeks for me but I can tell you right now, that from cleaning eating and working out, I can feel a tremendous difference in energy, endurance, and stamina. Wish me luck and follow me on my journey! Watch me transform!  

    Here are my starting pictures:

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    Starting Weight: ~155 pounds
    Height: 5’4” 

    Body Stats:

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    Okay, I’m just going to ramble a little bit.

    Well, I am not sure if many of my followers know me.. but this is me! 

    I’m pretty much a goober. I am a 23 year old applied chemistry grad. student at New Mexico Highlands University……. who partied way too much within the last year and put on a good amount of weight.

    Like I mentioned, I was a college athlete and had an OKAY eating habit.

    but I let myself go.

    WARNING: I am going to post a few unhealthy looking pictures. 

    This is a picture of what my afternoons would look like when I got home from class:

    or my twitter or Facebook would consist of pictures like this:

    OKAY YOU GET THE HINT. This was all within my first year of graduate school.. Plus many more pictures. 

    I guess the point of this RAMBLE is that.. It has been 8 weeks since I stopped drinking - or had my last beer.  That’s thelongest I have gone with out an alcoholic beverage. I know, I sound like a crazy alcoholic, but this is a huge accomplishment for me. Alcohol and bad eating habits made me feel like shit and because of that I put on a nasty amount of weight.

    I definitely had a wake up call and decided to turn my life around. I don’t even crave beer or wine or margaritas anymore and I am totally content with it. I like the direction I am heading and each day I am getting closer to my goal. 

    So, to my followers, thank you for following and watching me transform. Remember: Everybody’s journey begins somewhere and it is never too late to start.